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Injured in an Auto Accident in DFW?

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If you live in Dallas and have not been involved in an auto accident—count yourself as one of the few lucky ones who have avoided experiencing or being seriously injured in a car wreck.

The latest statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation reveal that 256,338 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2019.  More specifically, there were approximately 31,956 automobile accidents in Dallas alone. There was an estimated 22,575 people injured as a result of these crashes, with varying severities. These numbers have continually increased over the years.

Due to this incline in auto accident-related injuries in Dallas, Premier Injury Clinics is experiencing a significant boost in the number of patients seeking treatment for their auto accident injuries. This can make it difficult to find a chiropractor near you to treat your needs immediately. Therefore, in addition to chiropractic techniques such as spine adjustments, massage therapy and physical/rehabilitation therapy, we also provide walk in chiropractic appointments.  Additionally, Premier Injury Clinics offers a wide range of services that include medical doctors, on-location pain specialists, referrals to local orthopedic surgeons and anesthesiologists, referrals for diagnostic imaging/testing and exercise rehabilitation.

It is important to find a chiropractor in your area to check any injuries after an accident. With this in mind, we do understand that finding a good Dallas Tx Chiropractic office near you can be difficult when you are in a hurry to get treatment. To fully accommodate patients, we offer free transportation, attorney referrals, a Spanish-speaking staff and one-on-one consultation appointment with our doctors.

If you have suffered injuries due to involvement in a Dallas auto accident, contact Premier Injury Clinics nearest to you immediately. Premier Injury Clinics offers walk in chiropractor appointments near you to assess and treat your injuries as soon as possible. At Premier Injury Clinics, our first priority is to improve your quality of life and overall health and well-being by eliminating your pain or helping you manage your pain as completely as possible.

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Auto Accident Injuries Treated at Premier Injury Clinics


Clinically referred to as cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome, whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries we treat with a variety of effective chiropractic techniques. If the vehicle in which you were riding was struck from behind, there is a good chance you may suffer symptoms of whiplash.

Whiplash results when the ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues that support your neck are jerked back and forth rapidly. Severe stretching and tearing of neck tissues and nerves causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness, usually within one to three days after the accident.

In some cases, whiplash symptoms may take several weeks to emerge because microscopic tears in neck muscles take longer to produce inflammatory pain. Unfortunately, waiting until you feel signs of whiplash after involvement in a Dallas car accident means undergoing longer, more intense treatment. The doctors at Premier Injury Clinics strongly urge victims of car accidents to visit the nearest chiropractor to your location as soon as possible to avoid suffering the severe pain and stiffness indicative of late onset whiplash.


Symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Stiff, sore neck
  • Inability to turn the head without experiencing severe neck pain.
  • Back/upper shoulder pain
  • Burning/tingling sensations in the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas
  • Recurring headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Vision disturbances
  • Sore throat in the absence of respiratory conditions
  • Problems with memory and concentration

Rehabilitation Therapy for Auto Accident Injuries

Premier Injury Clinics of Dallas creates individualized physical therapy programs designed to address your specific health issues following an auto accident. Progressive stretching and strengthening of muscles combined with gait training and aerobic conditioning exercises are just some of the methods we use to ensure you enjoy a full recovery from an auto accident injury.

Rehabilitation therapy rebuilds muscle, joint and bone strength by involving the body in a series of passive exercises that focus on reducing inflammation and stimulating release of endorphins. In addition to physical therapy, we may also recommend some patients enhance their recovery with various chiropractic treatments and other medical services we provide in house.

Premier Injury Clinics has six convenient locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area for local chiropractors. We offer same-day appointments, an initial free consultation and free transportation available.


Premier Injury Clinics has six convenient locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area for local chiropractors. We offer same-day appointments, an initial free consultation and free transportation available.
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Back Pain

You can also suffer back pain following an auto accident that is unrelated to whiplash. This could happen if you are wearing a seat belt and your upper body rotates against the seat belt. Where your lumbar spine and pelvis meet is called the sacrum. Joints connecting the sacrum to your pelvis and lumbar spine may get locked in a painfully rotated position that requires chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine and eliminate pain. About 28-40% of back pain is discogenic pain. Discogenic pain is a separate diagnosis from herniated discs, instead referring to the pain caused by a damaged vertebra. Most of these cases are caused by degeneration, but it can also be the impact of physical trauma.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the channel that houses the spinal cord and surrounding nerves. Spinal stenosis can happen as a result of an automobile collision or similar physical trauma. This is often given rise by a piece of bone that has obstructed the spinal canal or ruptured disc. The result of this obstruction is an increased and needless pressure on the surrounding nerves. This narrowing of the bone canal causes pain and discomfort to the injured person. Keep in mind that some do not experience symptoms right away and instead notice muscle weakness or loss of feeling over time. To avoid a delayed reaction and the long-term pain that goes with it, make sure to seek chiropractic care right away after an accident.

Neck Trauma

Neck trauma sustained in a car accident may involve the spinal cord and spinal cord column (vertebrae). Trauma to the neck may cause extreme pain, tingling, numbness and stiffness throughout the neck and at the base of the skull. Treatment for neck trauma depends on the severity of the injury and where the neck received the brunt of the impact. Knowing that these injuries can vary, it is best to find an open chiropractor near you right away.  Doctors at Premier Injury Clinics in Dallas will examine your neck and recommend treatment or refer you to a leading diagnostic imaging center if necessary.

Herniated Disc

If your back suffers trauma in an auto accident, one or more vertebral discs may slip out of place, bulge, or rupture. Herniated discs press on spinal nerves, irritating and inflaming them. Spinal discs are critical to the lower back, working as the shock absorbers for the vertebrae. They also allow a wide range of movement for the upper body. While many people do not find the initial rupture painful, the aftermath of contact with the surrounding nerves is frequently a painful experience. If you have a herniated disc, you may suffer numbness, intense shooting pains and weakness in your lower back, buttocks, and legs. A herniated disc can be extremely uncomfortable and is often an injury that you should seek a chiropractor nearby to treat.


Mild Concussion

If you experience one or more of these symptoms following an auto accident (even if you were never unconscious), please schedule an appointment at our Dallas injury clinic as soon as possible to determine what kind of post-concussion treatment you need to resolve symptoms:

  • Inability to concentrate and/or remember recent information.
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Nagging headache
  • Blurry/fuzzy vision
  • Dizziness/lightheadedness/feeling off-balance.
  • Sensitivity to noise and/or light
  • Sleeping more or less than normal
  • Insomnia/nighttime waking

Since concussions affect people differently, you may have symptoms not listed. Less common signs of a concussion include tinnitus (ringing in your ears), slurred speech and extreme mood swings.

Chiropractors treat muscle skeletal conditions with the adjustments to spinal vertebrae.  Even though we do not treat symptoms of concussion, we may improve them with adjustments to the spinal vertebrae.  This also helps restore normal functioning to the sub occipital and neck region to reduce neck stiffness and headaches. Adjustments not only eliminate compression of spinal nerves but also improve spine and brain signaling to help decrease dizziness, headaches and feelings of spatial unawareness or disconnection.


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