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Injured or Hurt in an Auto Accident?

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Car accidents are a major problem, and they are on the rise rather than decline. They are one of the major causes of death in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. When they are not fatal, then they can cause major injuries and disabilities and most car accidents rarely leave just a bruise or scratch except with a few fortunate people. In 2015, the Texas Department of Transport (TxDOT) submitted data of a staggering 31,094 car accidents in Dallas and 14, 501 car accidents in Fort Worth which resulted in thousands of injuries and deaths. A disturbing fact is that these cases have been on the rise rather than decline every year meaning apart from lives being lost, millions of people have to endure the struggle of dealing with car accident injuries.

Chiropractic treatment can work wonders for those who suffer neck pain, back pain, and other types of injury that result from car accidents. At Premier Injury Clinics of DFW- Farmers Branch, we offer chiropractic services that comprehensively address auto accident injuries. Patients can be assured that our chiropractic care is safe for everyone, even children. Our staff have gone through years of vigorous specialized training and schooling, passed many tests, and gone to great lengths to become licensed and certified chiropractors. All our six clinics in different locations use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure full recovery from an auto accident.

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Common Car Accident Injuries

The following are some of the most common car accidents that people suffer. Everyone should be aware of these and have some knowledge of what to do when they encounter either of these situations:


This is an injury that occurs when the driver in the vehicle is hit from behind. Once the force of the other vehicle reaches the driver, the head of the driver will snap forward and then snap backward. This type of accident is damaging because of the extreme amount of force that is exerted upon the neck. Chiropractors can help address this type of physical problem through the use of various approaches, including manipulation, muscle relaxation, and stimulation, different forms of exercise, and ergonomic, and lifestyle changes.


While a seat belt secures the body, there is still the chance that the head may snap forward during a very strong collision. At that time, the head might hit the steering wheel or the dashboard. Though there are no bruises or any outward signs of injury, there is still a great danger involved there because of the possible concussion to the brain. Internal bleeding in the head can be a severe and even fatal injury.


Back injuries are also very serious; this is because the spine is located here and is a very sensitive part of the body, and therefore, it is easily injured by impact and trauma. Severe back and spinal cord injuries are considered to be nothing short of catastrophes, and could also lead to permanent loss of the use of limbs. However, if not that serious a chiropractor can use various methods to treat back injuries such as motion palpation, lumbar roll, release work, and spinal manipulation.


Neck injuries are easily among the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. They can be very painful and can also lead to long-term problems for the person who suffers from them. The effect of the injuries could either be on the softer parts of the neck or on the skeletal structure that is located in the neck. It can also result in neck pain, neck spasms, or neck stiffness due to the damage to the soft tissues in the neck. Chiropractors can help address these problems, so it is recommended to visit a chiropractic clinic in the Farmers Branch as soon as possible to avoid chronic pain.


A car accident can also result in a herniated disc or nerve damage. The majority of herniated discs are labeled as ‘soft tissue’ injuries by doctors and chiropractors. Surgical interventions for bulged or herniated discs are rarely needed, the use of some medications to ease the pain can be availed from a chiropractor as he has the necessary tools that correct disc injuries.


Chest injuries can pose a problem. Although chest injuries are not as common as whiplash, head, and back injuries, they are still very high on the list of accident injury claims. Not everybody chooses to wear a seatbelt, and even those who do may be injured. Contusions, broken bones, and bruises are all common injuries that affect the chest area.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Why should I see a chiropractor after a car accident?

Chiropractors specialize in treating musculoskeletal injuries, which are common after car accidents. They can help assess and address issues such as whiplash, back pain, and other injuries that may not be immediately apparent.

How do chiropractors assess car accident injuries?

Chiropractors typically conduct a thorough examination, which may include X-rays or other diagnostic tests. They will also review your medical history and discuss the details of the accident to tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs.

Can chiropractic care help with insurance claims and legal proceedings?

Chiropractors often provide detailed documentation of your injuries, treatments, and progress, which can be valuable for insurance claims and legal proceedings related to the car accident.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, hands-on healthcare discipline focusing on the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine and nervous system. Our chiropractors at Premier use manual techniques to adjust and manipulate the spine to improve overall health.

What conditions can chiropractic care help with?

Chiropractic care can assist with various conditions, including back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica, joint pain, sports injuries, and more. It aims to address the root cause of these issues rather than just treating symptoms.

Is chiropractic care safe?

When performed by one of Premier’s licensed, trained chiropractors, chiropractic care is considered safe for most people. However, there are some risks, such as a small chance of stroke or nerve damage if you have certain medical conditions. It’s important to let your chiropractor know about any medical conditions you have.

How does a chiropractic adjustment work?

Premier’s chiropractors use their hands to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. This is known as an adjustment or manipulation. The goal is to improve spinal motion and improve how the body functions.

How often should I see a chiropractor?

The frequency of chiropractic visits can vary greatly depending on your condition and treatment goals. Some people only need a few visits, while others may see a chiropractor regularly for maintenance or chronic conditions. Our chiropractors will recommend a personalized treatment plan.

Is chiropractic care safe for children?

Yes, chiropractic care is safe for children when treated by a trained and licensed chiropractor.

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnant women?

Yes, chiropractic care is considered safe for pregnant women when provided by a qualified chiropractor who has experience treating expectant mothers.

If I’ve had back surgery can I still receive chiropractic care?

Yes, however, before seeking chiropractic care, it’s crucial to discuss it with the surgeon who performed your back surgery. Our chiropractors at Premier have worked with post-surgical patients and will often use gentler, more conservative treatment approaches that avoid direct manipulation of the affected area. This may include soft tissue work, mobilizations, and other low-force techniques.

Does insurance cover chiropractic care?

Many insurance plans cover chiropractic care to some extent. It’s recommended to check with your insurance provider to understand the coverage details and any pre-authorization requirements.

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