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The impact of a car wreck can cause damage to many structures of the body, including the neck and spine. These injuries can have a significant negative effect on your life! If you live in Dallas-Ft. Worth, turn to the pain relief chiropractor at Premier Injury Clinics of DFW to help you find relief from these problematic conditions.

While a person may suffer a catastrophic injury in a crash, the vast majority of injuries involve the body’s soft tissues. These include problems like whiplash and pulled muscles. Chiropractic care can help alleviate the symptoms associated with these conditions by getting the body back into proper alignment. Our pain relief chiropractors are ready to provide a custom treatment plan for your injuries after a car accident.

Why Are Soft Tissue Injuries Common After a Car Wreck?

Many motor vehicle wrecks, including rear-end or side-impact crashes, occur at low speeds. While this helps reduce catastrophic injuries, it creates an increased likelihood of soft tissue injury. For instance, a wreck that happens at 6 to 12 miles per hour can result in a spinal or neck injury due to the way the impact forces the head to whip forward and backward or side to side. That whipping motion is what causes the soft tissues to stretch.

Soft tissue injuries are a major concern after any car crash, but they don’t usually show up right away. You might not notice the pain, stiffness, or lack of range of motion until a few days after the wreck. Your initial thought might be that you need to rest the area, but this doesn’t typically solve most soft tissue injuries. Instead, it would help if you visited a chiropractor to evaluate and get a treatment plan that can help the area heal.

How Can a Dallas-Fort Worth Pain Relief Chiropractor Help These Symptoms After a Car Crash?

The overstretching of the ligaments and other soft tissues in a car wreck can pull the spine out of alignment. This impacts all the structures around it, which can lead to pinched nerves and other painful conditions.

By getting the spine back into proper alignment, the structures all around it will have the space they need to function correctly. Getting the spine back into the correct alignment should be done slowly and by a professional.

A chiropractor uses several spinal manipulation methods and soft tissue care techniques to help achieve optimal healing in the area. Passive modalities can help alleviate your pain and strengthen the area to provide you with the relief you need. Some examples of passive modalities include:
– Massage
– Traction
– Hot/Cold Therapy
Electronic Muscle Stimulators
– Joint Mobilization

The effects of a chiropractic treatment plan from a Dallas pain relief chiropractor are cumulative. Each visit you make to our office will result in some improvement. Recovery is enhanced if you follow the complete treatment plan, including at-home exercises and stretches, that the doctor gives to you when you stop by our clinic.

It takes an average of six months to recover from whiplash fully. More than two million people suffer from this injury each year. Unfortunately, for at least one-third of these individuals, the pain will persist for a decade or more. Chiropractic care can help to improve healing and provide relief from these symptoms.

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