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What if My Car Accident Injuries Appear Late?

Many people walk away from a car accident feeling fine. But that doesn’t mean they won’t discover injuries later on. During trauma, our bodies have remarkable coping mechanisms that mask pain. This explains late-appearing injuries, or what might better be described as “late awareness of injuries.”

Adrenaline can sometimes mask symptoms of injury after a car crash. If you are experiencing pain in the days or weeks after an accident, prompt medical care is essential. An auto accident doctor will determine the nature and extent of your injuries so you can find relief as soon as possible. 

Common Delayed Injuries After a Car Accident


One problem with headaches is that many people experience them frequently. And after a car accident, you might assume your headache is a natural reaction to stress. With headaches, it often takes people several days or weeks to realize they are experiencing something out of the norm. But headaches can be a sign of serious issues after a car crash. After an accident, an individual might experience headaches because they have a concussion or blood clot. Visiting a local pain clinic can help put your mind at ease that your headache isn’t an indicator of something more severe.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Whiplash is the most common delayed injury after a car crash. Symptoms of whiplash often include shoulder and neck pain and should not be taken lightly. While most cases of whiplash are not severe, proper medical treatment can ensure you don’t suffer from delayed recovery or worsening symptoms. An auto accident doctor can use an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to determine whether you have whiplash. With a proper diagnosis, you and your doctor can develop a plan for recovery and relief. When whiplash is diagnosed early, you can begin treatment that helps you avoid long-term pain and difficulties.

Abdominal Pain

Like headaches, some accident victims assume abdominal pains are a natural stress response. But abdominal pain after a car crash can be a sign of serious injuries. Internal bleeding can cause abdominal pain as well as: 

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Deep bruising and or purple skin
  • Lightheadedness and or fainting

Only a car accident doctor can detect internal bleeding. If not treated promptly, internal bleeding can be life-threatening. Auto collisions can cause many different internal injuries that cannot be seen with the naked eye, some severe. That’s why it is always best to seek immediate medical attention after a crash. 

Back Pain

Back pain is widespread in the U.S. If you regularly struggle with back pain, you might not immediately notice new symptoms in your back. But back pain after a car accident can point to serious issues like damaged muscles, ligaments, or vertebrae. 

If you experience tingling or numbness, you might have spinal cord damage. Back and spine symptoms are especially common after rear-end or side-impact crashes. It is important to remember that you don’t have to be traveling at a high rate of speed to be seriously injured in a crash. Chronic back pain can be debilitating, so a prompt medical diagnosis is critical.

Treatment for Delayed Injuries

At Premier Injury Clinics of DFW, we treat auto accident victims every day. Our skilled staff understands how frustrating delayed injuries can be. If your car accident injuries appear late, call our offices right away to arrange an evaluation. With a professional diagnosis, you can get started down the path to pain relief and recovery. 

If you were in a car crash and haven’t felt any symptoms yet, drop by our clinic for a complete evaluation. An auto accident doctor can conduct tests that detect injuries even before they are felt, accelerating your recovery and helping you prevent further damage. If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, call us today. We offer free transportation!

Car Accident Doctor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why are some auto accident injuries late to appear?

Sometimes car crash victims don’t notice pain symptoms because their bodies are flooded with adrenaline. Other times, you might write off common pains like headaches or back pain as unrelated to the crash. Unfortunately, headaches, back pain, and abdominal pain can all point to potentially serious issues after an accident.

How can a car accident doctor help?

A car accident doctor can help with your injuries following a crash. They use the latest cutting-edge treatments and rehabilitation chiropractic to help you find relief from your pain and recover from your injuries.

When should I see a car accident doctor?

Because symptoms are often delayed, it is vital to see a car accident doctor right away. Premier Injury Clinics of DFW offers chiropractic care and exercise rehabilitation. We can also refer you to trusted orthopedic surgeons and local attorneys.

How can a chiropractor help after an accident?

After a car accident, a chiropractor can use various tools and techniques to restore joint flexibility and realign vertebrae. Benefits of chiropractic care after a car crash include pain relief, reduced inflammation, reduced scar tissue, and improved range of motion.


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