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Last year, 4.5 million people suffered serious injuries from car crashes, which is roughly the population of Los Angeles.

Vehicle safety features improve every year, but the number of injuries and deaths from car accidents aren’t dropping. Experts think that driving behavior is the problem.

Safe driving habits can prevent a lot of accidents, but what if you’re not the driver? How can you stay safe as a passenger?

The good news is, knowing the correct way of sitting in a car can lower your odds of serious injury. Read on to learn what you can do to keep yourself safe.

The Upright Position is the Safest Position for Sitting in a Car

If you’ve flown on an airplane, you were probably shown how to brace for impact by covering your face with your arms and pressing your head against the seat in front of you. That’s safe in airplanes, but not in vehicles.

The safest position in a car is to sit upright, like you would in a chair. Sit with your feet flat on the floor with your back resting against as much of the seat as possible.

Car companies design airbags and other safety features under the assumption that all passengers will sit in an upright position. If you’re sitting with your legs crossed, feet on the dashboard, or laying down in the backseat, the airbags won’t protect you as well. Sit upright and you’ll have the least chance of getting an auto injury.

Wear a Seatbelt and Adjust Your Headrest

If you’re wondering how to survive a car crash, the only thing more important than sitting upright is wearing a seatbelt. It will keep you secure and will lower your risk for serious injury.


Headrests will also protect you during an accident. If they’re adjusted correctly, they can lower the effects of whiplash, a neck sprain that can cause headaches or dizziness.

The top of the headrest should sit just below the top of your head. If you’re in an accident, the headrest will keep your head from whipping back and forth.

The Rear Middle Seat is the Safest Seat Location

The back seat is more protected from head-on crashes than the front seats. But, the back seats are still vulnerable to side crashes. That’s why the middle seat in the back is the safest spot, since it’s basically the center of the car.

But, this seat is only safe when the passenger is wearing a lap and shoulder seat belt.

In fact, backseat passengers who don’t wear seatbelts are three times more likely to get killed in an accident. Without a seatbelt, the rear center passenger could get ejected through the car’s windshield.


Already Injured? Visit a Chiropractor Today 

Sometimes car accidents are unavoidable, so it’s important to get in the habit of sitting in a car in the upright position whenever you ride in a vehicle. That way you’ll already be sitting in the safest possible position.

Unfortunately, prevention only helps before the accident.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, we can help. We’re based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we specialize in auto accident chiropractic treatment. Contact us today to make an appointment and we’ll help you start your road to recovery.



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